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Login and Registration for Events




So now that the new website has gone live, what's next? Please make sure you add the site to your favorites. As we make the transition to the new site you will need to do a few things:

  1. make sure the email address you have on file with PMI headquarters is accurate. 
  2. login to the website to register for events/meetings
  3. provide feedback so we can continually improve the site to meet the needs of our members

So how do you log onto the new site?

  1. complete step one above
  2. on the home page, click "Forgot Login"
  3. select "lost user name" (this is probably NOT the user name you use with
  4. enter the email address you have on file with PMI-HQ
  5. check your email for your user name
  6. return to home page, click "Forgot Login"
  7. select "lost password"
  8. enter user name and email address on file with PMI-HQ
  9. check your email for your password
  10. now you should be able log into the website and change your password

As a registered member you have access to more information than a casual visitor to our website. Please spend time looking at the various pages to see what's available.

Now that you can log onto registering for chapter dinner meetings is now easier.

  1. select an event on the calendar
  2. click on the "register now" button
  3. select the event you want to register to attend
  4. NOTE: you must be logged onto the website in order to receive the $5 membership discount for dinner meetings. 
  5. complete the registration form and submit
  6. you can pay either at the door or using PayPal
  7. once complete, you will receive an email to confirm your registration